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Mme:Racine Tatiana                           help poor people?

English 8-03

One time i was Rideau mall,i was waiting for my bus.i saw an old man from Montfort hospital,i think he had a mental problem,he was asking some money because he had nowhere to go some people gave him money and others didn’t,he came up to me and asked me for help.i had no money to give him.but luckily i had an apple in backpack,at the first time i thought he's gonna refuse the apple telling me that he only need money but he accepted the apple he was hungry he was very happy and thanking me i was happy that he accepted my apple.

When you help someone in need you facilitate strong encouragement,you are showing a charity to others.Anytime you're helping people it brings the happiness,it's positif helping my…


Autobiographie sur moi Bonjour mon nom est Janvier Bigabo,je suis née le 1 janvier 20003 au Burundi,je suis arriver au canada en octobre 20014,j'ai deux grand frère et deux petite sœurs.Je suis sportif,j'aime bouger vraiment,les sport que j'aime faire sont jouer au soccer,Basketball,football.J'aime écouter de la music hip-hop et danser en même temps de foi je envie de devenir un rappeur.mes court préférer ce français et math car j'aime appendre de nouvelle matière.